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Plants And Flowers Garden

Garden Outdoor & Indoor plants

Outdoor plants

Choose from thousands of outdoor plants sorted by type: Christmas trees, perennials, annuals, grasses, seeds and bulbs, vegetable and aromatic plants... From the most essential garden plants to the rarest and most original plants. Our wide range of outdoor plants allows us to offer you many varieties of shrubs, ornamental trees, fruit trees to develop your garden, create a hedge, delimit a plot, decorate a flowerbed or dress your pots. Or even decorate a wall if you choose a climbing plant.
You are sure to find the plant that you will like in your garden, that will best match the other flowers in your flowerbed or that will dress up your terrace with greenery. Synthetic grass can be a good choice to bring a touch of greenery on a balcony for example.
Our offer of outdoor plants adapts to your needs: bring natural shade with large subjects such as trees, make your own crops with fruit trees in the orchard, flower and structure your beds or quickly create a plant screen with bamboo or hedges. If you prefer flowering plants, you will easily find your happiness in our wide selection of roses, Mediterranean plants (lavender, mimosa...), and flowers. If you want to create an original flowerbed that lives and blooms according to the seasons, we can advise you on the right choice of outdoor plants, flowering plants and shrubs. Of course, you can find among our selection many garden plants such as tomatoes that will allow you to grow your own vegetables. Growing and consuming vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs from your garden is always a pleasure.
So, whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, whether you want to develop a garden or a terrace, our experience in the world of garden and plants allows us to satisfy all your requests. Our advice will allow you to find the ideal outdoor plants according to your geographical area, climatic conditions and season. We can also advise you on how to carry out your plantings (use of heath soil, potting soil, peat ...).
Discover quality plants, with guaranteed freshness that are sent directly by our specialized growers. From classic varieties to the most original plants. Our catalog is also enriched with news every week.

Buying, Selling, Shipping Of Plants In Panama

We help you cultivate a life well-lived through indoor plants and elements of biophilic design. Infuse nature’s restorative beauty into your home and everyday rituals.
Beautiful houseplants hand-delivered to your door. Fast plant delivery in Panama. Large variety of indoor plants and elegant planters.

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We offer landscape design, garden design, front and backyard, swimming pool areas, etc.

Whether it's big or small, we offer you the best designs, the best service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Garden Maintenance
Our team of professionals will take care of your garden maintenance; including weeding and cultivating, we want your property looks its best.

We can fix sloppy garden edges, trim trees, deadhead flowers, spread fertilizer, fumigate and much more. No matter what gardening assistance you ask us for,
our garden care specialists will provide expert maintenance to ensure your home’s yard is an impressive sight.

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Products & Services

The local area is our specialty, we encourage you to check out our choices of Panama plants. The choices are endless, check them out today
We provide plants and designs for offices, buildings, stores, restaurants and more.
We can arrange to visit your space to provide you with ideas and a proposal based on your request and budget.
For further information on our plants or any of our services please contact us via email [email protected] or WhatsApp +507 6219-6351

The specialist in garden plants

Glitter Garden offers you a very wide range of quality garden plants, perennials, shrubs, climbers, roses, flower bulbs, annuals and seeds, selected for their beauty and hardiness. We advise you on the choice, cultivation and care of your plants, and offer scenarios in style, color and terroir selections.
Plants ordered before noon are shipped the same day or at the time of your choice, exclusively from our nursery, in Panama, fresh, carefully controlled and well packed in protective shells. You can also order our plants online and pick them up at the Drive Garden next to our nursery; and you can take the opportunity to visit our greenhouses, which house the largest selection of flower bulbs and garden plants in Panama.

With a great concern for service and respect for our gardening customers, we guarantee the recovery and proper development of each of our plants.
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Ship plants and receive them all over Panama. Our range of plants includes a large selection of houseplants, office plants and outdoor plants. Plants are delivered directly to your door, so your green oasis can grow quickly and conveniently.
Pots give your plants the right environment to grow and thrive. In a beautiful pot, every plant becomes a decorative eye-catcher. Find the right one for your home in our wide range of planters.
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roses Fllowers Panama
Send joy on every occasion with the delivery of flowers and roses. Our seasonal cut flowers & roses are delivered as quickly as possible and are therefore of the best quality at the best price. If desired, an order can be delivered the next day.
Whether you have plenty of space or a small yard, choose from ponds, streams, waterfalls and fountains to create a space that fits your lifestyle where you can relax and have fun with family and friends.
The maintenance of green spaces, the creation of a garden or the presence of outdoor plants contribute in more than one way to the improvement of life in your home or business.
Glitter Garden is Panama's leading online nursery for plants and flowers

Indoor Plants

Houseplants are the breath of fresh air in our homes and apartments. Bring a bit of nature and greenery into your living room, kitchen, bedroom or entryway. Opt for the decorative foliage of the Boston fern, the palmate port of the Areca, or the delicate blooms of the orchid. Our wide selection of indoor plants allows you to decorate this very bright room that is your dining room with its large windows or on the contrary this corner of the room a little dark that is your hallway with its small window. At the arrival of the winter period, choose the perfect Christmas tree for your interior: natural, artificial or wooden, choose from our wide selection of quality trees.

Which easy indoor plant to choose?

To acquire a first plant or if you don't want to give it too much time, turn to our selection of easy care houseplants. Among them, you'll find cacti and succulents that require very little watering. Some green plants such as calathea varieties are also very self-sufficient and won't need much attention.

For assured peace of mind, we recommend that you opt for a terrarium that is self-sufficient: all you have to do is choose which plant to put there. For a Japanese-inspired decoration, turn to a kokedama. This moss ball delicately hosts a small plant to bring a vegetal touch to your interior. For a bohemian chic atmosphere without maintenance, choose a bouquet of dried flowers to combine with other plants for a romantic style.

Which plant for which room?

In a bedroom, be careful not to overcrowd the space with plants. Prefer a non-scented plant to keep the air fresh in this room. In a bathroom, favor plants that appreciate humidity such as tropicals or orchids. And in the living room, which green plant to choose? It will depend on the atmosphere you want to create. Large plants for a jungle style or to delimit a space,

drooping plants to create a green wall?

For a room with little light, we recommend choosing shady houseplants such as zamioculcas or sanseveria. If you are looking for an original touch, plants with an offbeat style will make you happy! Artificial plants are ideal for all rooms without any maintenance: choose them to vegetate offices for example.

Where to find a plant for my home?

At Gamm vert, our experts select for you the best green plants and flowering plants to decorate your interior. On our site, discover all our plants offered for sale in home delivery, relay point or store. You will also find a wide range of plants for the home in Gamm's green stores.

How to maintain them?

Watering is an art that can be learned little by little. The secret to knowing when to water your green plants? The surface substrate is dry to the touch. Be careful to avoid causing overwatering because the frequency is not the same for all plants. Some appreciate spraying water on leaves such as calatheas. Generally speaking, always prefer rainwater for watering.
If your plant is cramped in its pot, it is time to repot it. Preferably choose a pot with a diameter a few centimeters larger, place clay balls in the bottom that will facilitate water drainage. Fill with potting soil leaving a hole in the center to place the plant and cover with soil tightly. Then water at root level and place it in the ideal spot.

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Oking for plants to buy or sell in Panama? Look no further than Glitter Garden! We have a wide variety of plants and flowers available, all of which are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.
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